Triangular UFO (c. November 11th OR 14th, 2008) – Beans Mill, Alabama

An email from residents near Beans Mill, Alabama report that their dogs “hid” under an old truck camper top either on the night of November 12, 2008 OR the 14th of that evening. The witnesses were unclear about the exact date. Further observation by the witnesses indicated that the couple (we will call them Wayne and David) saw what appeared as a triangular craft in a nearby treeline around 11:15p on one of the previously mentioned nights. Niether Wayne nor David filed a report with local authorities due “taking a chance on being laughed at (a direct comment)!”

Wayne describes the craft as triangular, black with four orange glowing, dimly lit lights in the rear. The speed was mentioned as being slow and intentional. They filed this report with us after reaching our blog via internet search for UFOs sighted in Alabama.


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Valley, Alabama UFO

November 10th, 2008 around 4:00am seemed like any other morning for a Valley, Alabama delivery driver. While making media rounds, a 38 year old male witnessed a triangular unidentified flying object near Prince Bridge at Lake Harding. The object hovered over a lakeside residential area for some 35-40 minutes. The witnessed described the craft as “looking for something!” The vessels appearance was dark with the exception of what looked like two circular orange balls in what seemingly was the rear of the UFO.

The craft accelerated in speed to around an estimated 30 miles per hour until it passed behind trees and disappeared. Two mornings later around the same time in the a.m., the craft was again seen by the same gentleman. Once again, the craft appeared to be searching for something near the tree-line in the same near the same area.

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